How to Get a Vitamix-Quality Mixer for a Lot Less Cash

If you’re a healthy smoothie enthusiast or simply a fan of quality cooking area equipment, you understand that the Vitamix is a revered mixer brand name. You see Vitamixes in restaurant kitchens and piña colada bars all over the nation for an excellent factor: They’re terrific mixers. However they’re likewise incredibly pricey at $400 and up. So we set out to discover the very best alternative that’s less expensive.

The challenge was quite easy. After all, the mixer’s number one task is mixing, so if any provided Vitamix alternative didn’t come close in terms of doing a variety of mixing jobs, we eliminated it from the difficulty. We likewise considered each blender’s design, including how easy it was to maintain along with the warranties used. Rate was likewise a substantial consideration, which is why we limited our list of Vitamix options to blenders that had to do with half the price of the $450 Vitamix 5200, the company’s most popular model.

The Competitors

In Addition To the Vitamix 5200, the blenders we evaluated were the $180 Cleanblend Classic Blender, the $200 Dash Chef Series, the $230 Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen Area System, the $200 Oster Versa Pro Series Blender (with low profile jar), and for good measure the $520 Vitamix A3300 clever mixer. They’re all great blenders, and every one has some peculiarities that might you might like or hate.

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The Cleanblend Classic Mixer looks a heck of a lot like a Vitamix with a blocky base, 1,400- watt motor, a strong 64- ounce jar that sits neatly on top, and easy controls. There’s simply an on/off switch, a pulse switch, and a speed dial. It was successfully the most economical mixer we evaluated, too. Although the Cleanblend’s site reveals a retail cost of $500, the design has actually been on sale there for $250 given that we began working on this job at the beginning of this year. And today, you can buy it on Amazon for $180, and that includes a five-year full guarantee.

The Dash Chef Series is a striking-looking appliance that is available in a range of colors. Standing almost two-feet-tall, it’s also just huge. The controls use 6 presets for specific mixing tasks, however likewise depend on digital buttons to control speed, time, pulse, and power. The entire setup is more complex than the Vitamix 5200 and the Cleanblend. The Dash’s one-year limited service warranty likewise does not use a lot of peace of mind.

The Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen Area System, however, was easily the most complicated blender we tested– and weaker with just a 1,000- watt motor. It’s built to do all kinds of things like food processing and vacuum mixing and ice cream making, and possibly obviously, there’s a lot going on. As the name indicates, the Smart Screen Kitchen System utilizes a touchscreen user interface and does not have physical controls. It also features seven various elements, including a FreshVac Pump, to suck the air out of the blender. Like the Dash, the Ninja has simply an one-year limited guarantee.

The Oster Versa Pro Series Blender manages to toe the line in between easy functions and convenient presets. There’s a huge knob that functions as the on/off switch along with a button for pulse, and 3 buttons for programmed blends. This makes it easy to begin mixing quickly and deal with the entire task with one touch. The Oster Versa also has a 1,400- watt motor, a 64- ounce container, and a seven-year minimal guarantee.

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The Vitamix 5200 was the design to beat in this competition. Its streamlined controls consist of an on/off switch, a toggle between high speed and variable speed, as well as a speed control knob for when it’s in variable mode. The blender draws 1,380- watts of power from a two-horsepower motor. (Note: the nuances between wattage and horse power of a mixer are complicated, which is part of why we focused our tests on actual mixing efficiency.) The Vitamix also has a 64- ounce jar. Especially, the Vitamix has a seven-year full guarantee.

The Vitamix A3300 Smart Mixer, finally, was the most costly design we tested and certainly the most sophisticated. It’s a little more powerful than the Vitamix 5200 with a 2.2-peak horsepower motor. The controls are likewise advanced, because there’s a pulse button, speed control, as well as an integrated timer. As part of Vitamix’s Climb clever blender series, the A3300 likewise features a Bluetooth connection that lets you link the blender to an app on your phone that has all sort of customized programs. The Vitamix A3300 comes with a 10- year complete warranty, which was the finest of the bunch.

Now undoubtedly, we didn’t consist of the Vitamix A3300 in our tests to see if it’s much better than a Vitamix considering that it is a Vitamix. We just wished to include it to see if the ultra expensive functions on the A3300 might represent the $100 cost distinction between this model and the popular Vitamix5200 Now, on to the tests.

The Tests

We checked all of these competitors by blending as much as we might over the course of a week. By the end of the week, we narrowed the field down to 3: the Vitamix 5200, the Cleanblend, and the Oster Versa. Then we staged a battle royale, in which we took three recipes from Merely Blending, the cookbook that Vitamix consists of with its mixers, and compared the results from each. We wished to see how the non-Vitamix mixers compared to the Vitamix mixer utilizing recipes designed for a Vitamix.

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The 3 tests were fairly simple. We made peanut butter to see how the mixers dealt with nut butters. We used made kale-strawberry-pineapple shakes to test how well the blenders could pulverize the strawberry seeds and liquify the fiber in the pineapple. And we likewise made whole fruit margaritas to see how the blenders handled ice, fruit, and alcohol.

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It wasn’t a substantial surprise when the Vitamix 5200 became the best of the lot, but it was exceptional how close the Cleanblend comes to matching the performance of the Vitamix.

The Winner

As such, the Cleanblend Classic Blender is the very best mixer you can purchase that’s not a Vitamix. Part of what makes the Cleanblend such an enjoyment to utilize is how basic it is. Simplicity belongs to what makes the Vitamix 5200 so popular, too. With both the Cleanblend and the Vitamix 5200, you flip a switch, and it mixes. You turn a knob, and it mixes quicker. It’s excellent for a chef of any skill level.

What makes the Cleanblend actually unique is how its efficiency rivals that of the Vitamix5200 Perhaps the most intriguing test we put these mixers through was making peanut butter, and this was where we instantly saw the Cleanblend’s appeal. According to Vitamix’s recipe, you simply include 2 cups of peanuts to the blender for one minute, and then you’ve got velvety peanut butter. The Vitamix 5200 manages this dish well, but some of our loser blenders just made chopped nuts. The Cleanblend, nevertheless, managed to create an almost ideal creamy peanut butter after about two-and-a-half minutes of blending. The Oster Versa also made peanut butter eventually, but it was a much chunkier mess.

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Smoothies were a various sort of challenge. The Vitamix 5200 did the finest job, yielding an amazing smooth healthy smoothie in less than a minute. But the Cleanblend’s results were pretty darn close to what the Vitamix could do. The Cleanblend shake had some unsmashed strawberry seeds in it and wasn’t rather as smooth as the one from the Vitamix. The distinction was very minor, however. As with the peanut butter, the Oster Versa came in third with more seeds and portions.

What was a particularly remarkable test for the Cleanblend was one for whole fruit margaritas– and not simply due to the fact that tequila was involved. In this test, we discarded peeled lemons, limes, and oranges into the blenders, together with their seeds. Only the Vitamix 5200 and the Cleanblend managed to produce completely slushy margaritas. The level to which both mixers produced comparable results goes to show that, for some tasks, you don’t require a Vitamix for a great mix.

The Losers

The Oster Versa emerged as the real standout in the group of losing blenders. Although it was available in 3rd location, it did make it to the fight royale and hold its own versus the extremely finest mixers. We liked how it incorporates just 3 presets, which showed handy without frustrating us with buttons or touch screens. The truth that it can make peanut butter in about 3 minutes also goes to show that it’s an extremely effective machine. And at $200, the Oster Versa is more budget-friendly than a Vitamix5200 We ‘d recommend it as a Vitamix alternative, if the Cleanblend isn’t for you.

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We can’t recommend the remainder of the losers. The Dash is so big and bulky that we handled to knock it off the cooking area counter while mixing, which is not perfect with a device that has spinning blades within. Meanwhile, the Ninja is so complicated that it’s practically in a different classification than dead-simple, do-everything mixers like the Vitamix and the Cleanblend. It’s likewise the weakest blender we tested.

Then there’s the chic $550 Vitamix A3300 It’s the most effective blender we tested however likewise one of the bulkiest with a base that weighs 12 pounds. The controls also felt really un-Vitamix because, with the exception of the speed knob, everything is touch sensitive. This appears like it could get frustrating in an untidy cooking area scenario. It may even be more frustrating to take out your smartphone and utilize an app to mix, which becomes part of what makes the Vitamix Ascent Series special. Seriously, who wishes to blend things with their mobile phone?

The Very Best Vitamix Option

It’s the Cleanblend, however there’s a caution. In the time we were investigating, the Cleanblend Classic Mixer was widely readily available for less than $200 You can purchase it straight from Cleanblend for $250 today. That said, the home appliance has a list price of $500, which is excessive. For $500, you may also buy a Vitamix 5200 and after that invest the additional $50 on shake supplies.

So if you’re looking for value, search for the Cleanblend on sale. If it’s not your design, the Oster Versa is another outstanding choice, especially since it has some convenient pre-programmed buttons. Just do not feel like you need to purchase a Vitamix to get a fantastic blender. It’s simply not real.

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